Law-Tech Consultants' corporate and business services and training are
among the best in the nation with an impressive return on investment.

The horrific news of workplace violence and unnecessary deaths associated with disgruntled employees, customers, injuries and sexual harassment are but a few of the many workplace occurrences.  Medical expenses, court litigation and other related costs can escalate into the millions of dollars resulting in the collapse of a thriving business.  Your employees and customers deserve a safe and threat free environment and the courts agree.  When it comes time to award settlement the question is what did you as an owner, manager or even employee do to identify potential threats before they presented themselves?  Did dangers signals go undetected or ignored?  Were clues identified in the pre-hire interview?  Do you have a written policy for emergencies, workplace violence and sexual harassment in place?  These are but a few of the many concerns to be addressed.
Law-Tech Consultants LLC offers a unique service in an effort to help you avoid many of the potential problems associated with your business:

Law-Tech is unique in that it offers you training to help make more informed decisions.  Train your HR personnel to do more thorough interviews with techniques that have too long been reserved for just law enforcement and the military.  Learn the latest technique of identifying truth and deception through Forensic Statement Analysis to do your internal investigations.  It is the least intrusive means of conducting internal investigations.

Insurance discounts may be available for receiving training, providing in house policies and physical site surveys (check with your individual provider).