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I highly recommend Gary L. Aschenbach as an instructor

Gary has taught classes for me for approximately ten years and I have never been disappointed in his ability to keep the class fully engulfed in the presentation. The best testimonial concerning Law-Tech Consultants is not the written evaluations the students leave nor the verbal communications I have with the students concerning the classes. 

Those evaluations are always extremely positive but it is more significant that the material taught can be used in the field. In Gary’s classes, students often contact me stating they had immediate success using the material in solving cases. Gary also makes himself available to students long after the classes are completed. 

He is a dedicated professional who is always ready to help his brothers/sisters in Law Enforcement. I consider him to be one of the very best instructors I have used to help in training. Holding one of Gary’s classes is an honor and one that I never have to worry about. 

Gary handles the registration and designs the flyers to advertise the class…all you need to do as a host is get the facility ready and fill in the free seats he gives you for being a host.

Richard Flood, Esq.
Training Coordinator,
New England State Police Information Network
(Retired LEO)

You always kept our class motivated and engaged

While I was in your class today, I found out that I had to testify on a 2014 case in NYC and I have to leave Sunday for court. I’m now going through my transcript of my recorded statement and I am so excited as I see so many inconsistencies; offering of responses to questions never asked; bridging; lack of pronouns….etc…Wow! I’m going into this trial with a WHOLE NEW ATTITUDE!!!

As I had told you, I was a Criminal Investigator with the Attorney General office in Massachusetts before going into the SIU field and in the 30 plus years of investigating this is BY FAR the best course I have ever taken! You always kept our class motivated and engaged and it’s amazing how much I took from this 3 day training!

I will be reaching out to you in the future for a training for our groups. As I had mentioned, I am a member of IAATI and its chapter, NEAATI as well as on the Board of Directors of IASIU (International Association of Special Investigations Unit – New England Chapter) and the Secretary of NEAIFI (New England Association of Insurance Fraud Investigators) – so many freakin acronyms!!!! Again, I’m exhausted from your awesome class but so pumped and so charged and I’m looking at things SO differently now! I can’t thank you enough! After 30 years I’m gearing up again to this challenge!!! 

Suzette Cavanaugh, CIFI
Senior Investigator
Pilgrim Insurance Company
Special Investigations Unit

This is a must attend course for any officer or investigator that is seriously committed to furthering their career

This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to attend your course and drink from the firehose. This time, however, it was more like a garden hose. Your powerpoints/multi-media were fantastic and your manner of presentation was very enjoyable (as it was in the first class I attended). 

I would also add in that this is a must attend course for any officer or investigator that is seriously committed to furthering their career and effectively closing cases. Thanks for all that you do and please reach out should you ever need something in Maine.


Detective Michael Chavez
Maine State Police
Major Crimes Unit

Your class has really given me another powerful tool to use in my investigations

Gary, I just wanted to send a letter to say “thank you” again for your class. I’ve been in Law Enforcement for over 25 years and truly love and enjoy the challenges of interviews. Your class has really given me another powerful tool to use in my investigations. 

I can’t wait to dig deeper into cases. I can only hope that this type of class and its information will spread to other officers to help solve those “who did it” or “what really happened” cases. Again, thank you and be safe brother.

Sgt. Rusty Davis
Taylor County Sheriff's Office

It was a pleasure to meet and learn from you

I am indeed hooked and am hopeful I will be allowed by my Dept to attend the training in June. I have already shared with everyone in my office what a phenomenal technique to learn.

Norm Marquis
Probation/Parole Officer
New Hampshire Department of Corrections

I was so impressed with the course I recommend to our Chief that it should be required for our entire staff

While I have always enjoyed the quality and content of the classes which I have attended at your facility over the years, I felt compelled to write to you regarding the “Forensic Statement Analysis” course which I recently attended.

I have spent nearly thirty years working in public safety and during that time I have attended, as well taught numerous classes in adult education most of which was geared towards the public safety professional. I wanted to take the time to write and express my gratitude to both you and Mr. Gary Aschenbach for the most practical and useful course I have attended during my almost three decades of public safety service.

The course reference materials were exceptional but paled in comparison to Mr. Achenbach’s overall knowledge, insight and experience. His enthusiasm for the subject matter was infectious and helped create an exceptional learning environment in which the class felt free to interact.

I was so impressed with the course I recommend to our Chief that it should be required for our entire staff. Thank you once again for your efforts.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sgt. Thomas Smith 

Sgt. Thomas Smith
Palmetto Police Dept.
Palmetto, FL

You material and personality kept me interested the whole time

Thanks Gary, I have to tell you though, I have been a cop for 15 years and the only reason I took this class is to fill a requirement for getting my Master Officer. 

This was the Only class I have ever been to where I was sad to see end. You material and personality kept me interested the Whole time. Thanks for the amazing training.! Plus I really feel the material will definitely help my officer safety.


P.O. Greg Stone
Murray City Police
Murray, UT

Thank you very much for sharing your expertise, this was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended

I wish you the best of holidays and new year.

Det. Jody Maybush
Thurmont Police Department
Thurmont, MD

I enjoyed the class and found the material very interesting and informative

You were right, I find myself picking apart quotes and people’s statements at work and during everyday life. I will be trying to send the other detectives to your next school at NESPIN. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

Lt. Jeff Lemoine
Berlin Police Department
Berlin, NH

The class was tremendous

It was a pleasure meeting you last week. The class was tremendous. Having taken the Wicklander-Zulowski Interview and Interrogation course and the Reid Interview and Interrogation course, I can honestly say that yours was the best.


Anthony Sciaraffa

I really hung on every word you said

Hi Gary! I just wanted to thank you again for your training. I really hung on every word you said. I am currently obsessed with reading everything I can on FSA, but I found out you taught it all or at least touched on it. Thank you thank you thank you! 

On my way home, the ADA I am assigned to faxed me a statement to analyze (alleged rape) and she literally left out 14 hours of her day but her beginning and end she was exact on times. It was so great to read a statement in a whole new light and I know I would not have caught on most of the things I did without being in your class. 

This training is AMAZING. Thank you so much. When you come back to the area, I’m coming back, and I am bringing everyone I know. Thank you again!

Tamatha Spiezo, Investigator
Office of the District Attorney,
Ulster County, NY

I feel that this class is a must have for anyone in law enforcement

In my 22 years of law enforcement, I have amassed a great deal of training. I can honestly say that your class had the biggest impact on me. I can’t remember the last time I had a training class where I was anxious for the next day of training. 

You definitely know the subject and have a teaching style that captivates the students. I feel that this class is a must have for anyone in law enforcement. You can bet that I will be recommending to my Sheriff that this training be mandatory to all new recruits.


Kurt Robarts
Assistant Superintendent I,
Essex County Sheriff's Department

I truly believe that the mission you are on will help save lives

Thank you so much for taking the time away from your own life to travel and help share your expertise. I truly believe that the mission you are on will help save lives as well as help men and women in law enforcement fine tune their investigative skills to ultimately catch the bad guys. Thank You again for your efforts, and I truly enjoyed the last three days with you.

Katie Appel
Massachusetts Department of Correction
Internal Affairs Unit

The way you teach is incredible

I personally really enjoyed your class. I caught myself on Facebook this morning analyzing friend’s posts. The way you teach is incredible! We feel like we are just listening to stories, but when you are telling the stories you somehow sneak the information into our brains. It was truly a pleasure to attend your class!

Jarah Hall
Wicomico County, Maryland

Absolutely one of the best training courses that I have received in my 7 years as a road trooper

Would love a chance to go to more. The instructor was unreal. Thanks again.

Jonathan Fariss
Trooper II , Virginia State Police

You are the best instructor I have ever had

I have been on the job since October of 2005. I am 36 and I have to say without a doubt and as far back as I can remember your class was the best I have ever attended.

You are the best instructor I have ever had. I can’t thank you enough for the experience of your course. 

Mark Fusetti
Sergeant, Philadelphia Warrant Unit

I saw a real value for individuals in the area of human resources, risk and insurance, safety and loss prevention & security

The training was excellent and well received.

Mr. Dan Dunn, VP Loss Prevention & Security
Tech Data Corporation

It was so refreshing to finally receive training that I can actually use

Officer Paula R. Krueger #526
Gilbert Police Department

…thanks for the outstanding class…it was extremely interesting & practical…IT WORKS!

Deputy Kevin LeDoux
York County Sheriff’s Office

I have to say hands down this was the best 3 day class I have ever been a part of…I am very anxious to use the techniques…

Det. Keith Jones
Baltimore PD

The students rated the course and instructor as outstanding

Special Agent in Charge William L. Reese
Orlando Field Office

I can’t remember the last course I attended in which I learned so many valuable investigative tools

Ms. Shirley Kappler, CFE President
Association Certified Fraud Examiners

…you can quickly target suspects, detect motivation, identify sensitive subject matter, uncover false claims & recognize the truth.

Ms. Betty Davis
Professional Investigators Alliance of Maryland, Inc.

…thank you for the spectacular job you did with our recent interview training. The group was captivated…

Boyd Barker, Regional Mgr.
Continental Airlines

…thank you for such a high-energy and informative seminar here at Westfield Group for our claims department in October.

Mr. Jim Suppes
AIC Claims quality manager

…the level of instruction was tailored to the needs & experience of the individuals in the class both entry level and journeyman investigators profited from the seminar.

Mr. Steven van Beverhoudt
Office of the Virgin Islands Inspector General

Excellent Training Thanks!

Robert C. Riegel, Director, Internal Audit
Tech Data Corporation (Fortune 500 Company)

I heard your training was great, I am a believer. Great Job

Mayor Jay B Heusser
City of Preston, Idaho

Everyone raved about the course and about YOU

Chuck Tennant

I found the class fascinating and it was the first law enforcement class that I have been to that I truly wanted it to keep going on.

Officer Chris Cummings
Portsmouth, NH Police Dept.

Thank you for the excellent training you provided to us down here in Puerto Rico

Special Agent Rafael Mattei
Caribbean Division TF-2

I can say with certainty that I learned more at your class than any other one I've been to

I cannot wait to start using these techniques and building my skills. Again, fantastic class sir. I hope when you are back in Indianapolis I can attend the next training. Thank You. 

Officer Mark A. Waggoner
Cumberland Police Department

Thank you for the great information

Thank you for the great information you taught us last week in West Chester, PA. I was on the phone with law enforcement friends all over the east coast letting them know to take the class. I am especially looking forward to the advanced course you were talking about. Thanks again.

Barry S. Hartman
Immigration Enforcement Agent,
Department of Homeland Security

I attended Gary's training class a few Weeks ago in York Maine. The class was great! Thank you

Matt Calcina

I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance

I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance regarding the investigation involved removing evidence from a crime scene. The interrogation revealed negligent without criminal intentions. The officer may have otherwise been criminally charged causing unnecessary emotional and financial burdens. You’re the Best!!

Carolyn F. Murray
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Gary is very knowledgeable and an outstanding speaker and presenter

Gary is a detailed individual that not only provided professional services with the Maryland State Police but presented numerous excellent training seminars for those involved in the Criminal Justice Field and legal profession. 

Gary is very knowledgeable and an outstanding speaker and presenter. HE maintains your interest to the very end of the seminar. Gary is tenacious in all his endeavors. 

Norm Cochran, Training Director,
Transportation Authority Police, MD

You just came and did a presentation at Florida Sheriff's Association in Tallahassee that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of that class

Alexandra Thomson, Intern
Office of the Inspector General

You are wonderful… And I was truly impressed with the name recollection...that wasn't just made up. Remembering names are so very important, and I try hard, but sometimes forget names. I will be excited to learn the secret.

Allison L Levy, Vice President
j2 IT Services

I just wanted to take the time & thank you for the amazing 3 day interview & investigation class

I just wanted to take the time & thank you for the amazing 3 day interview & investigation class you presented at the home land security center in IL. I was on a traffic stop at 0400 hrs and the skill set I acquired in your class I believe saved my life!!!! 

When I asked the driver about weapons, his evasive verbal response and body language, altered me to take extra caution and after a search of the vehicle I recovered a loaded hand gun under the driver seat of the vehicle!!! Had it not been for your class, I know for a fact that the outcome could have been different. In the end no one was hurt and the bad guy was locked up. 

While in transport to the station he asked how did I know that there was a weapon in the car (lol) all I could say to him was that I was a human lie detector!!!! Thank you again for saving my life!!!!


Officer Afridi #279

I wanted to say thanks again for the great class. I left with the excitement to move forward in my career and develop these great skills. Again, Thanks for the Great Class and Wealth of Knowledge.

Andy McMullen
Waterville PD

Thank you very much for all that you do

I recently attended the Interview & Interrogation class that you instructed in Cleveland and wanted to thank you for a wonderful class. I was also able to attend the Forensic Statement Analysis class that you instructed in Perrysburg, Ohio this past July. Thank you very much for all that you do. Take Care.

Detective Douglas D. Hoffman
University of Toledo Police Department

I am thankful to have been able to attend your class

I just wanted to take a moment and like many others, thank you for your class and insight. I attended your interrogation class in West Valley City, UT in September. Since then, I have tried to apply the things I learned in your class. 

I could not believe how obvious the cues were when you know what to look for. I am thankful to have been able to attend your class and have requested with my department to attend your FSA class. Thanks again and God bless.

Matt Post

I thank you immensely for your time and consideration

I must let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the training and still find myself using your techniques to detect deceitful behavior!

Now, at the rank of Captain and fulfilling my continued role as a certified instructor, I have intensified my commitment to ensuring that my staff is well-developed. I thank you immensely for your time and consideration.

Captain Rhonda Dorsey,
Maryland Correctional Institution

Your presentation was exceptional

I attended your class on August 2,3,4 in Sea Girt, NJ and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your presentation was exceptional. Thank you for sharing your years of experience and vast knowledge with me.

Melanie Klein

My director attended training conducted by Mr. Gary Aschenbach Sr., several years ago and is still impressed and influenced by what he received

Joe England, Special Agent in Charge
TDOC Internal Affairs

Gary was a stellar instructor

Just a quick note to thank you again for having me at your training yesterday. It’s a shame we don’t have more time the three day course is probably fantastic too. I learned a lot and it was very relevant to what we do here. 

I can’t wait to do my next interview or interrogation! Gary was a stellar instructor and I hope to have a chance to work/consult with him in the future.

SA Michelle C. Gast

I really enjoyed your class this week. There's so much information and so little time... I wish we had a couple more days to spend learning. Thank you for sharing

Maryann Kelsey Dillard
Georgia State Board of Pardons & Paroles
Office of Investigations & Compliance

I am convinced that the techniques and overall philosophies I learned from Gary are the very best in the Nation

All my staff have been through Reid (some twice) and received similar training while attending the Law Enforcement Training and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation police academies. However, I am convinced that the techniques and overall philosophies I learned from Gary are the very best in the Nation. 

I am proud to say that it was these techniques that formed the basis of my approach to interview and interrogation and helped establish my track record and reputation for success in that area. (These techniques were alluded to in an A&E show featuring my Unit called “The Squad Prison Police”)

Jason Woodall, Director IA,
Tennessee Dept. of Corrections

I really enjoyed the class

I really enjoyed the class, and I look forward to putting that skill to use assisting my detectives with their investigations. Hell of a job to keep a 3 day course rolling the way you do. 

I’ve been to plenty of other sessions where the instructor loses a good portion of the class along the way. That was definitely not the case with you. Great work!

Lt. Brian Henry - Commander,
Criminal Investigations Division
Newark Police Department

Your class was one of the best classes I had in my professional life

Recently, I have been posted as the Principal of Police Training School here in Karachi. I wish you could have been here to conduct classes.

Anyways, considering you as a great teacher, I have planned on conducting an interview and interrogation Techniques course for our investigators and want to mention you and introduce your skills to them and the way you transferred them (to minor extent) to me , I hope you don’t mind. I really appreciate your support. Best regards.

Faisal Vakassi
Dy. Superintendent of Police,
Police HQ, Karachi, Pakistan

People walk away with strong practical tools they can put to work immediately

The instructor is Gary Aschenbach, retired from the Maryland State Police. He created the Interview and Interrogation course and has taught it in virtually every state in the country. He has also done it in Norway, Puerto Rico and the USVI. 

He is a regular instructor for the Customs Undercover Academy at FLETC, and the National Security Agency at Fort Meade for us. The guy rocks, Dion! His course has something for everyone, no matter what job description they hold. 

People walk away with strong practical tools they can put to work immediately. There will be a lot of very positive feedback on him.


Mike Miller, US Customs Service (Ret)
MCTFT St. Petersburg College

Thanks for all the information you taught me

It was a great class. I really enjoyed it. I work patrol and use the information I learned in the course you taught all the time now. I try to use the Forensic Statement Analysis information you taught any chance I can.

Like I said earlier, I work patrol but the information I learned in the class helps a lot on traffic stops and investigations. Thanks for all the information you taught me.

Officer Justin Lawless
Lower Heidelberg Township P.D.
Berks County, PA

Thanks so much for your time. Great stuff!

I attended your class in Highgate, Vermont and wanted to pass along a success story. The suspect uib an arson was bipolar and schizophrenic. I was able to take the time and set up the interview room and employ a number of the techniques you taught us.

After approximately three hours he confessed to the whole thing. The suspect was charged with Arson and transferred back to prison. Thanks so much for your time. Great stuff!

Det. Sgt. Jeremy Hill
Vermont State Police
Fire Investigation Unit

You sure make it easy!

I am writing to extend my thanks for a job well done last week. As usual, your professionalism and “top-notch” teaching techniques blew the crowd away in Boston.

As you may be aware, this course was specifically requested by Northern Command (NORTHCOM) and Joint Task Force North, two entities from DoD who are responsible domestic operations and training. One big focus is providing training for Border Patrol, Customs, and INS.

Thank you for your years of service to NCTC. You sure make it easy!

Kraig R. Kiehl - Captain, MI, PAARNG Commandant,
Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

I was impressed with the material

I attended the CID and IAU Commanders Forum at Johns Hopkins University Columbia Center today where Mr. Aschenbach spoke. I was impressed with the material and am interested in attending the full three day class. What is the cost for the training, and do you have any classes in the MD area coming any time soon?

Lt. Kenneth E. Calvert #26
Asst. Patrol Cmdr, Police Services Bureau
University of Maryland
Dept. of Public Safety

In our line of work we need to obtain the skills needed to conduct a proper interview and detect deception

One of our officers attended your training in St. George, Utah a year ago. She describes the training as the best she has ever attended.

We come in contact with some of the most dangerous people known to society and we also deal with some of the most respected people in our community. In our line of work we need to obtain the skills needed to conduct a proper interview and detect deception.

Officer Ron Tingey - Training Coordinator
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
Protective Service Division
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