Corporations, human resources, law enforcement, and military personnel.
Do you know anyone that doesn't need to know the truth?

Detecting Deception
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"You hit a home run this morning. The feedback so far has been extremely complimentary. Congratulations."
- Larry Glenn, Kaplan University

"I found your presentation to be excellent! In addition to being able to use your material during interviews, I think I will find it to be very helpful while conducting investigations into issues in the workplace such as harassment. Keep up the good work!"
- Alesia Reese, Knouse Foods



Historically the unique techniques of Detecting Deception have been reserved for law enforcement and military investigators.  Today however we are reminded daily by reports of workplace violence, killing sprees, school shootings, thefts, bullying and harassments that the corporate world is equally in need of the same technology and training to help make more informed decisions.  Not only will it provide your managers, human resources and fellow employees with the ability to employ and work with more qualified personnel but the courts are ruling that it is necessary to provide a safe workplace environment for both your internal and external customers.
Law-Tech Consultants is dedicated to providing you that service by bringing the training and if you choose, private investigations to you, your workplace and employees.  The learned techniques are "hands-on" and ready to work when you are.  You will find them easy to learn and applicable in every situation by asking the right questions in a non-accusatory forum and then by simply evaluating their responses.  Both oral and behavioral responses are used in conjunction with other safeguards to avoid common mistakes and to assure your assessment accuracy.
You owe it to yourself, staff and customers to take advantage of this training opportunity to assist you in every aspect of your business and in dealing with others who might not otherwise be one hundred percent truthful.  This includes the valuable art of negotiating.  It is time that you too take advantage of these long kept proven secrets as others do to assure your own continued success.

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