How often have you asked a question that left you
suspecting the person was being untruthful?

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How often have you asked a question that left you suspecting the person was being untruthful?  Well those days have come to an end!  Studies find that while the majority of people do not lie, they instead choose to omit information.  This is more commonly referred to as "Lies of Omission".  In response to avoiding those direct lies, the "fight or flight" syndrome causes them to display involuntary signs of non-verbal body language that is oftentimes accompanied by tell-tale signs such as "Evasive Verbal Responses" (EVR's).

These and many other clues of deception are easily identifiable if you know what to look for and to ask the right questions!  Among many other new concepts you will also be introduced to the latest form of detecting deception through the analysis of verbal and written words.  This analysis is found to be so effective that it is used in witness and suspect statements, transcribed testimonies, court reports, news articles, verbal interviews, personal notes and much more.  In many cases a person's own words can be easily transposed into numbers to determine a truthful, balanced statement.  Because these clues are given unknowingly, they are only visible to the trained interviewer.

"The increased knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication, along with statement review, assisted in the completion of several investigations. In addition to the most significant crimes, our officers report an increase in drug related apprehensions, which resulted from traffic/pedestrian contacts." - Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

"I enjoyed the course immensely & have already profited from your insights."

"I have been to training classes all over the country and this ranks among the best class that I have attended."
- US Dept of Justice

"...I attended the Reid training for three days and I got more out of Gary's training in three hours!"
- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - Senior Special Agent

"I have to say hands down this was the best 3 day class I have ever been a part of."
- Baltimore City Police Department

"The result of your training has not only improved the investigator's ability to collect statements and obtain confessions but the interview time has been substantially reduced."
- Virgin Island Inspector General

This fast paced, dynamic seminar is assured to keep even the most seasoned interviewer motivated and interested.  You will learn how to develop an interview plan, how to identify and defuse denials, ask questions designed to induce a reaction, objectively judge the response, recognize where and when the suspect is vulnerable, and most importantly, the effective use of the VERBAL LIE DETECTOR!

Learn to disregard those traditional, ambiguous clues and hunches of suspected deception.  Instead, put the person to the test with ONE question as you evaluate their response including involuntary eye, hand and leg movements without them realizing it.  Use the "3 Strike Rule" to either clear the truthful person or to confirm their guilt.  Learn the power of the "no" response and how it is avoided by the liar at all costs.  Learn to evaluate candid photographs and identify a close or distant relationship that could provide warning signals to problems for your business and/or personal life.

Use these behavioral skills to make you a better negotiator.  Analyze factual statements of Susan Smith and JonBenĂ©t Ramsey cases.  Receive your personal copy of the handout manual with which to follow the presentation and for future reference.  Experience the reality of these many techniques as you view actual recorded interview sessions.  Statement Analysis will enable you to uncover deception of all types and amazingly, the subject doesn't even have to be present!

You can use these tools to quickly target suspects, detect motivation, identify sensitive subject matter, uncover false claims and most importantly, recognize the truth.  Do you think these techniques could assist you at work or at home?  Thousands of attendees think so and are reaping the rewards every day and so can you!  If you are asking yourself who should attend this type of training, the answer is . . . only those with a need to know the truth!

So what makes this seminar different from other Interview & Interrogation seminars?

That's simple.  The others focus their seminars towards one of two critical topics, Forensic Statement Analysis (FSA) or Behavioral Analysis (BA) . . . not both.  By attending our seminar you benefit by receiving 2 seminars in one!  We better prepare you to conduct interviews and interrogations by teaching both FSA and Behavioral analysis.  In short, you will be avoiding approximately 24 hours of additional training and saving money! Still not convinced? Read our testimonials here and sign up TODAY!


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Past attendees include:

U.S. Department of Defense
National Security Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network
Southeastern Public Safety Institute
Northeast Counterdrug Training Center
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Parole and Probations . . . and many more!