amie Maas earned her Master's Degree in Legal and Ethical Studies from the University of Baltimore in 2005.  Prior to that, in 2000, she earned her Bachelor's degree, Cum Laude, in Criminal Justice from the University of Baltimore.

Jamie began her career with the U.S. Department of Defense in March 2004.  In August 2004, she graduated from Special Agent's class as Valedictorian and was immediately selected to attend the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI).

From August 2004 to April 2008, she conducted over 1,500 polygraph examinations.  From 2007 to 2008, she was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq where she conducted over 200 counterterrorism related interviews and examinations in support of various missions on behalf of the Coalition Forces.

Jamie served as a subject matter expert in interrogation and polygraph-related issues and as a liaison to other intelligence and military organizations, including daily briefs to update CENTCOM military leadership.  In 2010, she continued her support of the War on Terrorism by conducting several counterterrorism related interviews in Afghanistan.  She has also traveled to other high-threat areas of the Middle East on behalf of various Department of Defense missions.

Since 2008, Jamie has been conducting Counterintelligence/Counterterrorism Investigations and Risk Assessments.  In doing so, she has established many relationships with agency personnel throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community and personally met high level government officials, including President George W. Bush.

In April 2011, in recognition of her specialized skills, professionalism, and dedication to U.S. National Security, Jamie was awarded the prestigious Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism in recognition of her accomplishments while deployed to CENTCOM.


Jamie's many accomplishments include:
  • Conducted over 1,500 polygraph examinations.

  • Conducted over 200 counterterrorism related interviews and examinations on behalf of the Coalition Forces, 2007 to 2008, Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Subject matter expert in interrogation and polygraph-related issues.

  • Liaison to numerous intelligence and military organizations.
  • CENTCOM daily briefs to military leadership.

  • Department of Defense missions to high-threat Middle Eastern areas.

  • Counterintelligence/Counterterrorism Investigations and Risk Assessments.

  • Counterterrorism interviews, Afghanistan, 2010.